Saturday, January 01, 2011

Seagate FreeAgent Home Theatre +

Seagate FreeAgent Home Theatre + (Theatre Plus) HD Media Player (STCEA201-RK)

Music, Movies, Photos | HDMI | Networking

Model: STCEA201-RK


Play your movies, music and photos from your Thumb drive or external
hard disk on your TV in full HD.

* Makes it easy to move your music, movies and photos to your home theater
* Lets you experience incredible HD quality playback with riveting surround sound
* Simplifies viewing and managing all of your digital media files
* Setup in minutes with a single HDMI connection

Perfect for when you need to:

• Enjoy and share your photos, movies and music on your TV in the comfort of your
living room.
• Access content from storage devices on your network.
• Access internet content, on your TV, such as pictures, weather, stocks, and more.
• Directly connect a digital camera or external storage device to enjoy media on your TV.

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*HDD sold separately*

Package Contents
  • Media Player
  • Cables
  • Set-Up Guide
  • Remote Control
  • 1-Year Limited Warranty

Additional Information

Access the Internet services you use every day:

# YouTube
# Mediafly
# vTuner
# Picasa
# Flickr
# Video Feeds (RSS)
# Text Fees (RSS)
# Finance Widget
# Weather Widget

Easily enjoy your photos, movies and music on your TV.
• HDMI connectivity and 1080p HD video playback.
• Dolby® Digital and DTS® audio support
• Ethernet connection for accessing shared content on your network.
• Unique docking system eliminates fumbling with cables and connections.
• Front-mounted USB port for digital cameras and additional storage devices.
• Includes sync software for PC and Mac® computers.
• Intuitive user interface with DVD-style navigation.
• Windows® XP, Vista®, Windows® 7, and Mac OS® X compatible.

Add a new dimension to your home theater

You’ve got countless movies, music and photos on your computer, and
an incredible home theater system in your living room. What if you could
bring them both together and enjoy all of your digital entertainment
without ever leaving your couch? Now you can do all that and more, with
the Seagate FreeAgent Theater+ HD Media Player.

* Lets you watch, share and store your music, movies and
photos from your TV
* Delivers stunning 1080p HD image quality with rich Dolby
Digital® and DTS® audio (if supported in your digital media files)
* Sets up in seconds via a single digital HDMI® cable
* Includes an optional 500GB FreeAgent Go hard drive for
easy docking, or use you own FreeAgent Go, BlackArmor®
PS 110 or other external hard drive

- 1-year limited warranty

New price RM 235


  1. do u know where i can get ? with this price?

  2. Actually I sell this product (manage to sell 3 units only) .. But now sold out already and my supplier said no stock for now. maybe new model will replace it... But not sure what price for the new model.. any way if this model available in stock again with same price or cheaper I will try to inform you..